Mixing Console

Here’s a shot of the mixing console at last night’s Incognito concert in Atlanta.  I just liked it.  Awesome show.



Prada City Grit


Was walking up on 5th avenue in NYC last week and thought this huge subway exhaust smack dab in front of the Prada shop was hilarious.  Actually it was kind of cool – it was a fun mix of high end fashion with the pure grit of the city smoking in front of the entrance to the shop.



Buffalo in 20 Shots

I recently spent some time in Buffalo NY.  I have been to Buffalo in years and I never shot photos there so this time I thought I’d shoot a few images from a couple of normal days there.  The things seen, eaten, and talked about.  Here are 20 images from Buffalo that sort of capture the space that Buffalo occupies these days.  The best way I can describe Buffalo to someone who’s never been there is that while is a city of good neighbors, you definitely get the sense that there is a bit more history that future in Buffalo.  The food is delicious though.

IMG_6751 IMG_6771 IMG_6780 IMG_6793 IMG_6795 IMG_4655 IMG_6870 IMG_6884 IMG_6923 IMG_6952 IMG_6961 IMG_6970 IMG_7006 IMG_7009 IMG_7014 IMG_7034 IMG_7048 IMG_7050 IMG_7069 IMG_7094

Gloucester Harbor





Was in Gloucester, MA for a few days and had the chance to walk the village for an hour and pop this shot of the harbor.  I love the food in the Northeast because there seem to be somehow a better use of ingredients in the food focused around flavor, especially Italian (and I hear Portuguese) food. This is a great little town on the North Atlantic worth a visit.

The Chrysler Building

This iconic building may be the most unique in NYC.  It’s hard not to look up at it when walking the streets nearby.  I love the art-deco Ayn Rand meets Batman look of the summit.  Took this will a simple iPhone and Instagrammed it for fun.

Inside Atlanta Marriott Marquis

One of the older buildings in Atlanta also happens to (still) have one of the most futuristic vibe going.  When you come to Atlanta, pay a visit to the inside of the Marriott Marquis for a step into the past and future at the same time.