Dubai in 4K Flow Motion Video

Video wizard Rob Whitworth in the UK is know for making super unique videos of impressive places.  Here’s his take on Dubai.



Dubai is one of the most interesting cities in the world.  Bleak but full of action. Empty but with a swath of futuristic buildings lining the main highway.   Nestled on the coast it’s full of energy, but as soon as you get past the line of demarcation where the construction hits the desert it’s a thousand miles into the horizon.  This first shot is from my rooftop looking out toward the gulf where the cranes never stop.  The second are just some of the buildings the other way.  The sun never stops.


Walking Old Dubai

On a weekend layover in Dubai, I had a few hours to kill before heading out so I headed over to the older side of Dubai – to the creek, which is more like river and walked the docks and the local markets.  These are some of the things I saw.

A Visit to Dubai

You can’t quite appreciate how tall the Burj Khalifa building in Dubai is until you are standing in front of it.  I had the chance to be there just before it opened when they were putting the finishing touches on it and washing off the remains of the construction dust.  Here is a shot of just the base…. To give you some scope, the buildings on the left are already tall buildings.


Old Dubai Street Corner

The difference between new Dubai and old Dubai is an eternity.  I like the frozenness of the people walking and going about their day in this shot.

Moustache Mannequin Dubai

Was in the Mall of Dubai when I came across this store that for some reason thought it needed to add a moustache to the mannequin in the window which I thought was kind of funny.