Istanbul Rooftops


Hagia Sophia Istanbul

Was walking in the Istanbul area between Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque just as sunset was kicking in.  This was the shot looking back at the Hagia Sophia which reminded me of some of the old buildings I had know from living in Rome.  This had an almost basilica feel to it and then I learned it originally was a basilica.   Istanbul is one of the more interesting places I’ve visited as it takes a touch more effort to figure out what’s what in all aspects.

View from Galata Tower, Istanbul

Spent a weekend in Istanbul checking out the streets and food (such as kofte) and have to say Istanbul is a forward moving city, especially the new part. Old Istanbul is straight out of a history book but new Istanbul is coming on like Manhattan or London.   One evening a friend took me to have dinner in an incredible restaurant called Kosebasi that served some of the best food I’ve ever had.  This shot is a view from the top of the Galata tower looking back on the old city across the river.   Istanbul literally is a wild mix of Classical Europe and Western Asia and arguably one of the most unique cities on the planet.  Click on the photo for full view.

Istanbul Gyro

Turkish Baklava Istanbul


Istanbul Street