Billie Jean like you’ve never heard it

Corey Henry is one of the keyboard talents out there.  He’s in Snarky Puppy but was kicking it even before that.  Here’s a rendition of him pulling off Billie Jean in a way you’d never expect.


80’s fusion meets last week

What do you get when you blend Hiram Bullock grooves with Steely Dan chords, a little Mike Stern style guitar, Dave Weckl style drumming and some mid-song dissonance?  You get this crazy good piece of music from Snarky Puppy.  It’s like a crazy cool of late 80’s jazz fusion with last week’s sensibilities. Turn this up and follow along.

Snarky Puppy Lingus

Whether you’re a musician and like the intricacies of what’s going on or not, this is an incredible piece of music and performance. People try to figure out what the time signature is in this piece but I think it’s in 4/4 just with a ton of syncopation around it.

The tune swings is a super unique way around the upbeat (1 AND, 2 AND, 3 AND etc…)

Check these guys out and get through the whole song if you can.  The lead keyboard player is the star of the piece – his sound is like Tony Banks meets Sly Stone.