Piazza Armerina Sicily 1993

I took this shot of the town square in Piazza Armerina while touring Sicily on bike.  There are two amazing things about this shot.  One is apart from the late eighties cars, this shot could have been taken in 1920.  The second thing you notice is there are only men in the photo.


Taormina Sicily 1993

In 1993 I traveled throughout Italy by bicycle for almost a year.  In the Fall of that year we toured Eastern Sicily and spent some time enjoying Taormina.  Sicily is very different from mainland Italy – the people, food, and language completely change.  Spending time in Sicily is a very unique experience because it’s is exactly like you’d expect the “old country” to be like.  If you ever have the chance to check out this island you should do it.  Doing it on a bicycle was even cooler.