View of Mediterranean from Oia

Walking along the steps in Santorini this is the view you get.  Fresh air everywhere.


Red Beach Santorini

While in Santorini took a drive in our island car (tiny) over to Red Beach on the South End of the island.  It’s a bit of a hike but worth it.  No direct access other than climbing over a few decent hills.  Water is ice cold and awesome.

Oia Greece

Spent a few days on Santorini in 2010.  This is a shot of the town of Oia on the North side of the island.  It’s the classic Greek island jet set village.  The hotels here have ridiculous views of the Mediterranean.  Was lucky enough to catch the light just so as the sun went down and the moon came up – the whole world there becomes a deep blue with light reflecting off all the white houses.  Make this a place to check out before you die.

Santorini Switchback Road

Spent a week in the Greek Islands and had a great little hotel on the South end of Santorini looking back into the caldera (the center of the old volcano).  From the terrace we could see the main road going from the port down below all the way up to the main road that traces the top of the island with Fira in the distance.  Santorini is really an amazing island because while it has it’s share of tourists, you can also skip all that and enjoy the island and the food easily on your own wherever you like.

In Every Language

In Santorini Greece in a small cafe there was a sign from the management about not flushing paper down the toilet.  Apparently Management forgot a whole bunch of languages which the clientele provided.

View from Oia Santorini

Took my wife to Greece for a trip and had the chance to take an all day hike through all the little village foot paths of Santorini.  This was shot over in Oia making our way to the corner of the island where many go to hang out for the great sunsets.