Dramatic Santorini

Photographer Tony Forcucci popped this shot of Santorini showing just how steep the island actual is.

Click the photo for the big version and see more from his growing travel portfolio at 500px.com/tonyforcucci



Greek Evening

Go to Greece.  Get to the islands.  The Greek Islands are gems floating in the sea.  This is a shot from the Northern tip of Santorini after parking my car and heading for dinner.  It’s a series of small outdoor restaurants 2 feet above the sea and selling only grilled fish and other seafood.  The air is warm and salty.  The music is greek.  The feta is on everything and the fried calamari with lemon is as fresh as it gets.  Dining outside in the greek islands is one of those simple experiences that hold more memory than any product you could buy.  When the sun goes down everyone heads up the road into Oia for the Greek version of a passeggiata.   Look closely and you can see the people dining.  Click the photo for a larger view.

Cliff View of Red Beach

Made our way down to Red Beach on the island of Santorini.  We rented a little zip around car and decided to find this famous beach which look more like something out of Mars.  It’s a short trek by foot around a small cliff and worth the visit.  The water is nice and clear and nice and cold.

A View from Oia






Was walking the small roads of Oia on the island of Santorini and this is the view you get as the roads twist between, around, and even above the whitewashed buildings.

Perissa Beach Santorini Volcanic Sand

Click HERE to see where this is exactly.

Seventeen Coffees in Seven Cities

I love finding good espresso on the road (and at home).  I started shooting these illy moments out of thin air while sitting there sipping a coffee and it became a sort of subject matter for me.  The espressamente illy bars are always a welcome sight (especially in airports) and the chrome and the red make for great images.  This slideshow has shots from Dubai, Shanghai, Italy, Spain, France, Greece, and USA.

IMG_2734 IMG_3217 IMG_4115 IMG_0664 DSCN0316 IMG_1647 IMG_1780 IMG_3633 IMG_3811 IMG_1822 IMG_1945 IMG_4789 IMG_6706 IMG_7900 IMG_8005 IMG_0026 IMG_0477