The Big Board in Paris CDG


Traveling into Paris connecting from plane to train there is this great two story travel board.  It’s amazing to see just how many destinations come in and out of Paris on this board.


Paris at Night

On a business trip to Paris I had a completely free evening – so I decided to head out and go to the top of the Arc de Triomphe – something I hadn’t done in probably 15 or more years.  It was interesting to go back and be a tourist of sorts and see these things fresh again.  I like Paris but have to say I don’t think it’s the food city everyone claims it to be.  I keep looking for great food in Paris but it always seems to fall short somehow – and I’m talking the basic stuff, nothing fancy. For example –  it’s hard to simply walk up to a bar and have a coffee – you have to seemingly always sit down, turn the chairs around to face the streets, and make it an event.  I like the way they do it in Rome much more – walk up to the bar, order a coffee, knock it down, check out the people in the bar, head back out.  In any event, Paris is a great city, you just seem to have to have a bit more of a plan in Paris that in some other Capitals – but maybe that’s just me.

Rue Saint-Honore’

One of the nicest streets in Paris.  Full of interesting retail and well appointed residents.  If you go check out Colette.

Paris Metro Midnight Again

Was visiting a friend in Paris and took the Metro across town at midnight.   I think this was the La Motte-Picquet – Grenelle stop but in any event I liked the view from the top of the stairs.

Louvre Pick Up Duty

I’ve always liked capturing normal moments at world famous places to sort of see them from a more local perspective.  People the world over come to the Louvre in awe yet this guy sees it everyday no doubt and I bet it just blend in to the background.

Paris Metro Midnight

Was in the Metro in Paris at about midnight and was able to sneak this shot waiting for the train to show up.