Dramatic Santorini

Photographer Tony Forcucci popped this shot of Santorini showing just how steep the island actual is.

Click the photo for the big version and see more from his growing travel portfolio at 500px.com/tonyforcucci



A View from Oia






Was walking the small roads of Oia on the island of Santorini and this is the view you get as the roads twist between, around, and even above the whitewashed buildings.

Open Air Dining in Oia Greece

A great dining experience in Greece on the island of Santorini.  Make your way to the tip of the North end of the island to the village of Oia.  Take the backroad all the way down the hill to the water.  Park your car and walk around the jagged rocks and hop a wall.  This is what you’ll find.  It’s about 5 waterfront restaurants where the boats pull up to the dining floor, unload their fresh catches which immediately end up on ice in the kitchen.  You are escorted into the kitchen to select your fish.  They grill it and serve it to you right then and there with a side of Greek beer, lots of feta, olive oil and lemon.  You’re welcome.  Here’s a link to this exact spot.

Oia Greece

Spent a few days on Santorini in 2010.  This is a shot of the town of Oia on the North side of the island.  It’s the classic Greek island jet set village.  The hotels here have ridiculous views of the Mediterranean.  Was lucky enough to catch the light just so as the sun went down and the moon came up – the whole world there becomes a deep blue with light reflecting off all the white houses.  Make this a place to check out before you die.