Three Views of the Duomo di Milano

Milan is an interesting city.  It’s one of those cities that’s fun to go to, there’s a great local scene, unique food, and center of fashion.  I wouldn’t put it in the same category as Rome because they’re completely different.  Rome “feels” Italian and drips with that steep Roman accent.  Milan on the other hand could be French if it was just a little further North.

Here are three views of the Duomo di Milano. It’s very Gothic and took 600 years to complete.  All of Milano radiates out from this spot. If you’re nearby it’s a must visit.

IMG_3124 IMG_3125 IMG_3150


Rooftop Russian in Milano

I went to the roof of the Duomo in Milan to stand on top and catch the view of the city.  It’s a pretty cool climb to the top alongside the marble gargoyles and whatnot…. After a while on top I turned around to go down when I saw this Russian woman also standing on top taking in the view.  I couldn’t help but take the shot because she put so much time and effort into this outfit I thought I’d immortalize it forever.  Love the shoes.

Milanese Cheese Truck

The locals in Milan picking up some fresh cheese in the neighborhood.  These trucks just drive up and park outside of your apartment so you can get fresh cheese.  This is one of the reasons why food tastes better in Italy.

Milan Street Art

There’s graffiti, there’s street art, and then there’s your random framed fresco on some random street in Milan.  There are surprises like this through Italy.

Milan Duomo from the Galleria Arches

Espresso Bar Milan

I have a hard time resisting a good shot of illy espresso.  Whenever I’m out and about if there is a cafe serving illy in a machine like one of these I try to take a 5 minute pause from what I’m doing and throw one back.  This machine happens to be in Milan in a bar not to far from the Piazza del Duomo.  Years ago I had the opportunity to tour the illy factory in Trieste, Italy where the coffee beans are sorted and roasted and I can tell you that the amount of work that goes into making that short cup of espresso in incredible.  What’s cool about a lot of places (but particularly in Italy) is you can easily find places like this with machines like this just walking around a city.  That cup was delicious.