The Lobby of the Mira Hong Kong

I was on a trip to Hong Kong and staying at the Hotel Mira in Kowloon.  A part from being a real “find” in the Hong Kong area, the Mira has a great lobby and is apparently designed to serve up a great visual effect when you enter the hotel.   If you find yourself heading to Hong Kong and want great accommodations usually at a very good price, I would highly recommend this hotel.  It is in a great location, has great service, and is a fairly well kept secret.


Hong Kong Walk-Up

All around Kowloon there is almost the constant, salty-sweet scent of cooking in the streets coming from a combination of hundreds of street side joints such as this one.  All you need is courage.

Hong Kong Window Shopping

Out and about in Kowloon streets. It’s what’s for dinner.

Hong Kong Street Drink

Walking in the streets of Kowloon down near the area where you pick up the boat to cross the bay over to Hong Kong island, I somehow always managed to pass this stand that sold this drink nonstop.

Kowloon Street Noodles

Kowloon Street

This is a shot I took while on Nathan Road in Kowloon.  I love the difference between the street level and the upper floors as it goes from neons and colors to rough and tough.  This is a main street and a great place to cut over to the water front.