How long can you hold your breath?

This dude has some serious lungs. Here’s the Y-40 pool in Italy.  Deepest free diving pool in the world.

But if that’s not deep enough for you, check out this guy who takes the cake!  Super human skills.


View Across Rome

I arrived at Castel Sant’Angelo about 8am and when I got to the rooftop I was alone.  Nobody else appeared for 30 minutes and I was able to take a series of nice photos in all directions.  I lived in Rome in the late 80’s early 90’s and it has sort of become (it became) my my adopted city overseas.  It is an amazing city, not huge but full of treasure after treasure right there in the streets.  The classic Latin feeling drips from every building.  Life happens in Rome differently than almost anywhere else on Earth.  How could it not?

Here is one of those photos looking across the city toward Piazza Venezia.


Hot Peppers in Rome

Today’s shot is from Campo dei Fiori in Rome.  Look at these things!  Penne all’arrabbiatta a bestia qua!


Three Views of the Duomo di Milano

Milan is an interesting city.  It’s one of those cities that’s fun to go to, there’s a great local scene, unique food, and center of fashion.  I wouldn’t put it in the same category as Rome because they’re completely different.  Rome “feels” Italian and drips with that steep Roman accent.  Milan on the other hand could be French if it was just a little further North.

Here are three views of the Duomo di Milano. It’s very Gothic and took 600 years to complete.  All of Milano radiates out from this spot. If you’re nearby it’s a must visit.

IMG_3124 IMG_3125 IMG_3150

Politics Italian Style


Was in Rome walking the streets checking things out.  Came across this great political poster.  Only in Italy would you see a poster like this where the message in Italian basically says “Get the F*@K out the way”

Roma Frizzante

I first went to Rome in 1989.  Rome (and Italy) in those days was completely different in terms of the mood of the city.  The people were spending their Lire and things were half the price of what it would cost in dollars.  50.000 Lire?  $25 bucks.  10.000 Lire? $5 bucks.  One of my friends calls that period of time “frizzante“.  Romans were riding around the city on their old school vespas and delivery men on their ape 3-wheelers.  Rome in 1989 was like a movie.  Here’s a shot from 1989 of course the Colosseum.