Drink Cart in New Delhi


Delhi Street Vendor

Popped this shot walking around a local market in New Delhi.  Didn’t realize until long after I took the shot that the guy was looking directly into my lens.

Street Begging in New Delhi

On the way to the airport in New Delhi the taxi was stuck in dead-stop traffic. There was this young boy weaving his way between the cars asking for a few coins and I snapped this shot of him as he made it to the taxi. If you could only see what was on the other side of car.

On the move in New Delhi

Parts of India are very posh, very slick, very elegant.  Other parts are pretty rough.  However between these two worlds there are the streets that connect everything and there you will find yourself often because you have to be able to move around.  It is in those streets that you step into India and get to taste it, live it, and breathe it.  I snapped this shot quickly one night in Delhi moving from a street market to our waiting car.  I love this shot because it perfectly captured the blur of moving around in the streets of Delhi when transitioning from one place to another.  Click the photo for full effect.

New Delhi Bus Passenger

I was heading out to the airport after a week in Delhi and we were going slow enough for me to look out the window of the taxi and snap this shot.  I suppose these guys ride this bus everyday and the guy on the left was probably wonder just what the hell I was taking a picture of.

Butcher Shop New Delhi India

India is one of the more incredible (in a good way and bad) place I’ve ever seen.  More perhaps than any other country India is a place where you see things you can’t almost believe are real.