Messing with drivers’ heads to get them to slow down.

In the town of Ísafjörður in Northwest of Iceland the village created a 3D painted crosswalk to make drivers slow down thinking they’re about to run into some floating object.  While of course it’s a flat painting, it’s enough to make the drivers hit the brakes at the crosswalk.  Plus it’s cool looking.  It was created in a collaboration between thecity and street paining firm Vegi GÍH.  Photos by Gusti Productions.

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Todmobile and Awaken

If you are a Yes fan then this is a version of Awaken that will blow you away. It could really only come out of Iceland with it’s other worldly choir and on the ground edge. The build up at the end if stunningly good and powerful.


Iceland at Shanghai World Expo 2010

When we spent a whole Sunday visiting the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai it was one amazing pavilion after another. From the outside, Iceland’s was one of the coolest.