Atlanta Early Morning II

Ponce de Leon Rd, 6:30am April 24, 2012


Seventeen Coffees in Seven Cities

I love finding good espresso on the road (and at home).  I started shooting these illy moments out of thin air while sitting there sipping a coffee and it became a sort of subject matter for me.  The espressamente illy bars are always a welcome sight (especially in airports) and the chrome and the red make for great images.  This slideshow has shots from Dubai, Shanghai, Italy, Spain, France, Greece, and USA.

IMG_2734 IMG_3217 IMG_4115 IMG_0664 DSCN0316 IMG_1647 IMG_1780 IMG_3633 IMG_3811 IMG_1822 IMG_1945 IMG_4789 IMG_6706 IMG_7900 IMG_8005 IMG_0026 IMG_0477

Ajiaco Open Flame

In the mountains of Colombia where the local crew was cooking Ajiaco (Colombia three potato soup) on the open flame cowboy style.  This was delicious.

Morning in Campo dei Fiori

Took a morning stroll through the market of Campo dei Fiori in Rome.  The scene is great for coffee, cornetti, and fresh ingredients.  There are other localized markets in the city but this one is on a path so many walk down.  When the market is over late morning the piazza goes quiet until evening when a restaurant & bar scene comes to life.

Shanghai Street Food

Walking through an area of Shanghai near Loshanguan Road there is a stretch of road with food vendor after food vendor all selling what they have that day.  This particular guy was chock full of kebobs and the air is full of every flavor you can imagine. He posted his place’s health inspector certificate on the wall too – 99A all the way.

Late night coffee in Dubai

Again I’m always amazed at how companies find the “matching” (if that’s possible) font in other non-Western alphabet languages.  I took this shot while heading back to my hotel in Dubai.  Starbucks outside of the US is an interesting experience because for the locals it’s not so much for the coffee but more for the visibility of being seen in what they perceive as an “in” place.  I think the best examples of this with Starbucks in particular are in Shanghai and Tokyo.