Rio de Janeiro

Climbed to the top of the mountain that hosts the huge Christ statue overlooking Rio.  It’s really quite a trip to get up to this thing and the last few feet are a bit heavy but the view is worth it.  From this point you can see a good bit of Rio and get a grip of how the city is laid out.  Like the Vatican in Rome, what’s really impressive about this is the men that built it – the size and scope of this statue is off the charts.  This shot is from 2002.


Brasil Pão de Açúcar by Cable

Made a visit to Rio de Janiero and Buzios in 2002 and got to experience first hand Rio lifestyle, food, and people.  Sao Paolo is where the business is but if I lived in Brasil I’d favor Rio.

Cachaça (and great marketing)

I recently came across an ad for Cabana Cachaça (that most excellent Brasilian spirit made from sugarcane juice) which caught my eye for two reasons.  One was for the below image and two was because the ad directs the viewer to the URL with the words “Uncensored Images and More at….” then prints the URL (see below).  This is brilliant marketing.   To top it all off, when you get there the web site is excellent.  Check it out for yourself:

Cabana Cachaça