The American INXS Tribute Band

Love 80’s and some 90’s music? Check out the reel from the American INXS Tribute Band called New Sensation. INXS was such a great band and these guys deliver a killer tribute live. They play all the hits and a great selection of deep cuts as well. Photo by Kay Freeman.


Mixing Console

Here’s a shot of the mixing console at last night’s Incognito concert in Atlanta.  I just liked it.  Awesome show.


Rush Plays Atlanta 2012

Went to check out Rush again last week in Atlanta for probably the 20th time.  Amazing stuff as usual.  I don’t know how these guys pull off the kind of playing they do each night and to think that they’re probably playing as technically as ever and with new music that is at once as lush and heavy rocking as ever makes it even more stellar.  Here are some shots I took at the show.

Inside Atlanta Marriott Marquis

One of the older buildings in Atlanta also happens to (still) have one of the most futuristic vibe going.  When you come to Atlanta, pay a visit to the inside of the Marriott Marquis for a step into the past and future at the same time.

DragonCon Atlanta

Went to check out the street scene at the 2012 Atlanta DragonCon.  Ran into a fleet of these guys.


Eddie Van Halen

Here’s a cool shot of Eddie Van Halen at the Atlanta 2012 show.  Amazing skills.  Love the wall of amps