At Syntagma Square Athens

This is the base of the place where all the street demonstrations in Athens are going on.  Went there in 2010 to spend a few days in Athens and took some time to check out Syntagma Square and  get a feel for the place.  Interesting now to actually know the real estate we see on TV where the Greeks are in the streets.


Concert Under the Acropolis

Was in Athens with my wife and as we were walking to find a place to eat one evening in the Roman Agora we stumbled on to an outdoor concert under the Acropolis and moon.  Greece has it’s issues but this is something they do well.


Athens, Greece

Athens is in the news now everyday with the economic chaos going on there, but aside from all that Athens is a good city with tremendous history, incredible food, and a great city to move around in on foot and even by metro.  This particular shot was taking early in the evening after climbing up to the base of the Acropolis and is looking back over toward Mount Lycabettus with the heart of Athens right below it.  Click on the photo for full image.

Acropolis Amphitheater

Athens is a pretty interesting city to spend some time in.  The food is ridiculously good in Athens and it’s a nice place to spend two days as a stop over before heading to the islands.  There is a particularly interesting quality of sunlight in Athens that sort of bathes the city.

Athens Greece