Four Views of Medellin

Was in Medellin and hit the roof top of a great hotel in El Poblado and snapped these shots which can give you a roundabout sort of view of how Medellin looks.


The View in Colombia

View from Colombia looking down to the Rio Cauca in Antioquia. Made our way from here to the top of the hills across the river to Jericó for some coffee.

Tamale Vendor in Colombia

In a small village in the mountains of Antioquia, we came across this home where the family makes and sells fresh Tamales to the locals.   Walk-in, say hola, buy Tamales.

Colombian Statement Graffiti

There’s a brick walk in a fairly major intersection in Medellin where someone thought to paint the simplest of graffiti – “soy paisa”.  Paisa is someone born in Medellin.  I just liked the minimalism of this for some reason – with the period at the end no less.

Colombian Pug

Roadside Arepas in Colombia