Skating on Thin Ice Audio

Listen to the sound of this. Recorded on Lissma Kvarnsjö outside Stockholm the 5th of December


How long can you hold your breath?

This dude has some serious lungs. Here’s the Y-40 pool in Italy.  Deepest free diving pool in the world.

But if that’s not deep enough for you, check out this guy who takes the cake!  Super human skills.

Dubai in 4K Flow Motion Video

Video wizard Rob Whitworth in the UK is know for making super unique videos of impressive places.  Here’s his take on Dubai.

This is ridiculous skier skill on levels

Skier Candide Thovex shreds all surfaces for traveling the world for this Audi commercial.

Norway in 4K

Norway is an incredible place.

The 18 hottest hotel openings for 2018

Who doesn’t love a great hotel?  CN Traveller shows you where to go this year.