This is ridiculous skier skill on levels

Skier Candide Thovex shreds all surfaces for traveling the world for this Audi commercial.


TED Talks Thought Leader Parody

Self proclaimed “thought leader,” Pat Kelly gives his talk on “thought leadership” at the annual This Is That Talks in Whistler, B.C.

Here you’ll see Kelly cover things like – How to talk with your hands, how to get a standing ovation, and how to inspire people by saying nothing at all.

Spot on.

Pulling the Wool

At the Democratic National Convention this week in Charlotte, NC, we got the chance to see two amazing things.

1. Why we’re not a Democracy

2. How the Democratic leaders mislead their followers into thinking their voice actually counts.

The Founders of the United States understood that a pure democracy is a dangerous thing.  As Neal Boortz, a talk show host in Atlanta often says “Democracy is two wolves and a sheep voting on what’s for dinner”.  So last week the Democratic party somehow makes the decision that they want to remove “God” and a reference to Israel out of their official Democratic platform.  OK – stupid political move but whatever – it’s their platform.  But here’s where it gets rich and where the curtain is pulled back.

Having received a whirlwind of blowback from across the nation, one of their delegates stands up and says he wants to suspend the rules and make a motion to reinsert these two things back into the official platform.  Clearly someone up on high made the decision that they had to do this.  It’s all scripted.

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa is presiding over the moment and leading from the stage.  He clears the motion and takes a “voice vote” from the convention hall delegates.  All in favor say “ay” all opposed say “no”.

The audience is split about 50/50 on the first voice vote.  The mayor is perplexed.  Apparently it’s not going as scripted.  The delegates didn’t get the message that they needed to get this passed and out of the way.

He takes the vote again.  Again the audience voice votes but this time the “no’s” are even in stronger opposition – sounds like 60/40.  The mayor on live TV is visibly a little nervous because it’s not going as planned (ordered).

As if to prove what an example of Democracy in action we have here, he takes the voice vote a third time.  This time the “no’s” are overwhelmingly more than the “ay’s”.

He asked for the vote, he got the vote, BUT the vote wasn’t what the party wanted or needed to hear.

Without wasting another second, the Mayor simply decided (ruled) that in the “Opinion of the Chair, two-thirds having voted in the affirmative.. the measure is passed”.  The audience boos.  Clearly he was simply concluding the vote the way they wanted to have it concluded.

What did we see and learn here.

1. This is why we’re not a Democracy on purpose.  Democracy is nothing but mob rule.

2. The Democratic party only pretends that they want to hear the true opinions of their delegates by staging this show that the vote actually counts.  Their position clearly goes like this:  We’re going to take a vote and if we hear what we want we’ll pass the vote – and you all will think your voice actually matters.  But if we don’t hear what we need to hear, we’ll just keep voting until we get the result we want”.

The Democratic party lies and misleads the very people it portends to care about.  They say they’re for mob-rule but but it’s worse than that – what they’re really for is nothing short of dictatorial power.  It’s all just for show.  How do we know this?

The vote what pre-decided Politburo style.  The Mayor was simply reading the pre-determined and scripted words from the teleprompter.  The leaders don’t give a damn about what their delegates (voters) actually want – just get in line and be good little soldiers.

Here’s a link to the story with the video of the moment and here’s the photo of the teleprompter the Mayor was reading from.  Draw your own conclusions.

Photo Credit: Carlos Amezcua, Fox 11 News

Buyer’s Market or Appraiser’s Market?

Anyone selling a property right now in the USA is dealing with such a dysfunctional real estate market that it’s almost impossible to see how it’s going to break free.  The government has got the real estate industry so messed up it’s sad.

In any marketplace, buyers set the price.  You can ask whatever you want for a product or service but in the end it is always buyers that determine the price.  No buyers, no sale.  But currently in the USA, buyers by and large are not setting the pricing of real estate, appraisers are – and this is not working.

Because of the fiasco of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, TARP, and financial institutions lending money to people who had no ability to repay it, the US real estate market took a severe blow over the past few years wiping out enormous amounts of wealth and equity.

Since then the government has put in place a mind-boggling array of new rules and regulations for lenders that almost nobody can understand and which are doing nothing to help break loose the stagnant values of homes.  The people who established the first round of rules that got the market into this mess have put in place even more rules that are keeping the market in shambles.

What do I mean?

A family wants to sell their home for $525,000.  A buyer comes to the home, likes it, puts in an offer for $500,000 and Buyer and Seller agree.  Buyer goes to lender for a a mortgage.  Lender sends in the appraiser who comes in at $375,000.  The lender tells the Buyer that they’ll do a mortgage but not for more than $375,000, and more likely not for more that $300,000 (80% appraised value), so if the Buyer wants to purchase the home he has to come up with $200,000 cash.  Not going to happen.

So what does happen?  The deal dies, the seller doesn’t sell, the buyer doesn’t buy, the agent makes no commission, the bank lends no money and makes no interest, the family is stuck, and everything just stagnates.

Where’s the problem.  Due to the bailout deals in the past few years, one of the new rules is that lenders now must send out the appraisers when buyers want to purchase property.  Almost nobody is allowed to deal direct with the appraisers, least of which the real estate agent trying to close a deal.

Very often the appraisers are coming from 50, 60, or 100 miles away to evaluate some property in a part of town they barely know.  On top of that, the appraisers income has been cut in half because while he used to be able to earn maybe $400 for an appraisal, now he only earns about $200 because some clearing house that ordered the appraisal for the lender takes a big cut.  All new government rules.

Now the appraiser comes to the property, takes some photos, looks around, measures things and looks at comps.  The comps stink.  What’s the appaiser do?  He mostly goes with the comps.  Why?

1. It’s safe

2. He can’t be blamed for coming in to high or too low.

3. He doesn’t really care, he’s not making the kind of money he used to anyway.

4. He truly has no idea right now how to properly justify the value of a property anymore outside of the comps….so appraisers just continue to mostly go with the comps.

Well if we now have a country full of homes that used to be worth something (and intrinsically still are) but are near other properties that had owner issues, we are never going to break out of the real estate funk unless buyers, and not appraisers, start making the market.

If a Buyer wants to buy your home at the price you want to sell it, you’d think there’d be a deal.  No way, not in 2011.  The bank sends in the appraiser and kills the deal.

Of course there is a place for appraisers, but ultimately Buyers have to determine the price of property otherwise there simply is no free marketplace.  With appraisers only or mostly going with comps, everything simply remains stuck when it doesn’t have to be that way.

Could you use an extra $9 million?

Let’s say you’re 25 years old and make $75,000 a year.

What if I now told you that your share of future Federal spending was $1,900,000 and that your estimated future Federal taxes would amount to $1,300,00 – and that if you were to instead NOT have to pay these taxes and you could get a 6% return on this money (money that YOU earned) it would be worth $9,200,000 when you were older if you lived to 79 years of age.

I have found a cool (and depressing) online tool that can calculate your share of either the entire Federal budget or even break it down into one of 19 diferent Federal programs such as Welfare, Foreign Aid, Social Security etc…

You simply enter your education level, your age, your annual income and it calculates the 3 figures – your share of spending, your future taxes, and what the taxes COULD have earned you at 6%.

Read it and weep.

Read it and vote : The 2012 elections are coming




Fundamentally Transforming the USA


UPFRONT: There are a bunch of links in this post.  I suggest you click them all for the full picture and see what sham (and shame) this is.

Last year the Democrats in the US Congress rammed through a healthcare law that was so malconcieved as to be everything but in the best interests of people, business, or the country at large.  Only someone (or a group of people) with the worst interests at heart for the country would force a law like this down the throats of it’s citizens.

  • The law was so big we were told by Nancy Pelosi that it had to be passed so we could find out what was in it.
  • It was voted on and not even read – we’re still discovering time bombs in it.
  • Not a single Republican voted for it.
  • Twenty six states have filed lawsuits against the law (see image above)

What a track record!  There couldn’t possibly be anything wrong with this idea could there?

The Obama Administration wants you and I to respect the this disaster because it became a law but then thumbs its nose at the Federal judge who struck down the law.  Instead of getting the message and backing off, the Obama administration has appealed the judges ruling.

What do Obama and the Democrats have against the United States?  It’s not like they can’t see all this.  It’s not that they don’t get the message.  They get the message and could give two hoots.  They have vision for America and Constitution be damned.  For them the Constitution is an obstacle, something to get around.

On top of the above, why are there so many waivers to the Obamacare?  We are now over 1000 waviers – all passes for Obamacare.  Today the entire state of Maine got a waiver from Obamacare.

What’s the point of making a law only to then give out Waivers?  Could it be because under Obamacare companies can’t afford to run their businesses and with the 2012 Presidential election is coming up Obama the Democratic party knows that this law is bad business?  They know that most of the pain in Obamacare is not supposed to be seen or felt until after 2012 – so let’s just pass temporary waivers to those who scream the loudest until after the election and then drop the hammer later.

Many of these waivers have gone to unions too.  Aren’t these the same unions that are mostly voting Democratic?  Why would they want a waiver from the home team?

Let’s for a moment forget the politics of this thing and simply look at the fact that we have a law that has been ruled unconstitutional – doesn’t that tell you something?  Shouldn’t a bill/law this important be light years from something unconsitutional? Shouldn’t a bill/law this profound be solid?  And the fact that Obama and his supporters then go ahead and double down should be a clear message that he/they simply do not give a hoot about real law, real rights, nor individuals – especially the individuals that produce the wealth of this country.

This is all about “fundamentally transforming the United States of America“.  You would never think that you would have to say this, but it seems that Obama doesn’t simply want to transform America, he wants to destroy America.   I think it is clear that Obama sees himself king of America instead of President of America.  That’s a big difference and we’ve already established that this country doesn’t like to be ruled by a king.

Well Mr. Obama you are succeeding in fundamentally transforming the country.  Congratulations.  Only 682 days left as of this writing until the end of an error.

ps: Enjoy this video.  Says it all.