Red Glow Outside of Shanghai

Here’s a favorite shot I took at the 2010 Shanghai Expo.  It was a massive complex covering entire city miles with hyper-uturistic buildings and lighting.  This particular section was a multi-story tower of light that projected messages and turned different colors casting a cool glow over the immediate area.  I’ve been to China many times and it is one of the most interesting places you can work in or visit.



Real World Education

This is the most important photo I may have ever taken.

Earlier this year I took my elementary aged kids to Latin America to start to see the world. This surely is a photo I will show them in 15 years. We were in Medellin, Colombia which is of course smack dab in the middle of the mountains. The city is basically split into two halves – the nicer South end of the city and the hillside favelas on the Northside.

Medellin is very innovative and within the past 10 years constructed an above ground metro that leads to a massive cable car system they call “metrocable” that runs from the Medellin River at the base, all the way over the favelas and beyond to the countryside. We took a ride on that metrocable floating 100 feet over the neighborhoods below for a 360 view of this part of the world.

There’s school and then there’s school.


The Floating Man of Cartagena

While traveling in Colombia I popped this shot of this street performer just suspended about 3 feet off the ground on a side street. Can you figure out how he’s doing this?

Frankfurt in Black and White

Frankfurt is a nice city.  I ended up going to Frankfurt three times not too long ago on a few business trips around the huge Messe Frankfurt complex.  Frankfurt is an easy-going city with a blend of old world Germany and the modern.  The skyscrapers of Frankfurt give it an optimistic feeling as a city where things get done.  Here are eight shots I took while moving around the city on foot.

IMG_1166 - Version 2 IMG_1183 - Version 2 IMG_1185 - Version 2 IMG_1208 - Version 2 IMG_1216 - Version 2 IMG_1228 - Version 2 IMG_1248 - Version 2 IMG_1249 - Version 2

Awesome Shanghai Short Film

This is one of the best depictions you’ll see today showcasing how much energy there is in Shanghai.  I’ve been to Shanghai many times and it is easily one of the coolest, most dynamic cities on the planet.  Rob Whitworth really captured the vibe in a unique and original way.  Check it out.

This is Shanghai from Rob Whitworth on Vimeo.


Dubai is one of the most interesting cities in the world.  Bleak but full of action. Empty but with a swath of futuristic buildings lining the main highway.   Nestled on the coast it’s full of energy, but as soon as you get past the line of demarcation where the construction hits the desert it’s a thousand miles into the horizon.  This first shot is from my rooftop looking out toward the gulf where the cranes never stop.  The second are just some of the buildings the other way.  The sun never stops.