Viral German Commercial

We can see why this went viral.


The Making of Steely Dan’s Peg

One of the all time classic rock/jazz tunes is broken down to it’s elements.  Who does this anymore?

Amazing Marble Sync to Tchaikovsky

Ridiculously on the money from Doodle Chaos.

The American INXS Tribute Band

Love 80’s and some 90’s music? Check out the reel from the American INXS Tribute Band called New Sensation. INXS was such a great band and these guys deliver a killer tribute live. They play all the hits and a great selection of deep cuts as well. Photo by Kay Freeman.

Prince shreds the solo at R&R Hall of Fame

photo: You Tube

Billie Jean like you’ve never heard it

Corey Henry is one of the keyboard talents out there.  He’s in Snarky Puppy but was kicking it even before that.  Here’s a rendition of him pulling off Billie Jean in a way you’d never expect.