Hong Kong Window Shopping

Out and about in Kowloon streets. It’s what’s for dinner.


Ni Hao

Creepy statue in front of a McDonald’s in Shanghai…. how does this even relate in Chinese culture?

View from the bar in Rome

Was in Rome for a short visit walking down Via del Corso and decided to stop for an espress0 – they had illy :-)  Popped this shot from over the bar.  We don’t have a coffee culture like this in the States.  Starbucks isn’t in the coffee business, I think they’re in the milk business actually.

Roman Deli

Oh yeah – now we’re speaking Italian.  Fresh Mozzarella di Bufala straight from a Campo dei Fiori deli in Rome.

Roman Pizza by the slice

One of the things I was really looking forward to heading back to Rome was pizza by the “etto” – basically by the ounce, weighed, cut and handed to you in a wrapper for you walk walk out with.  This was the view from the counter looking in.  That is fresh ricotta and basil on one and real salsiccia on the other.  Do it.

The OK Cafe Atlanta