How to learn anything

Josh Kaufman lays out why the first 20 hours make all the difference when it comes to learning anything.


Will Smith on Why Failure is Important

Practice is only controlled failure.


One way to look at time.

9 Life Lessons

Tim Minchin lays out his version of 9 Life Lessons.  Don’t miss it.

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Where 5% of the world lives

The blue and the red regions both contain about 5% of the worlds population.

Map by Ibisdigitalmedia

TED Talks Thought Leader Parody

Self proclaimed “thought leader,” Pat Kelly gives his talk on “thought leadership” at the annual This Is That Talks in Whistler, B.C.

Here you’ll see Kelly cover things like – How to talk with your hands, how to get a standing ovation, and how to inspire people by saying nothing at all.

Spot on.