Strangers react to the up-close Moon

Alex Gorosh took his telescope around the streets of LA to let people see the moon up close.


Catch more of his stuff here.


How smart phones are designed to keep your constant attention.

Nearly everything is designed to keep you checking and rechecking….

Pursuit (4K) – The best storm film you’ll ever see.

Film maker/storm chaser Mike Olbinksi has produced an epic movie looking at the sky.

Pursuit (4K) from Mike Olbinski on Vimeo.

From the Vimeo description:

“The work on this film began on March 28th and ended June 29th. There were 27 total days of actual chasing and many more for traveling. I drove across 10 states and put over 28,000 new miles on the ol’ 4Runner. I snapped over 90,000 time-lapse frames. I saw the most incredible mammatus displays, the best nighttime lightning and structure I’ve ever seen, a tornado birth caught on time-lapse and a display of undulatus asperatus that blew my mind. Wall clouds, massive cores, supercell structures, shelf clouds…it ended up being an amazing season and I’m so incredibly proud of the footage in this film. It wasn’t the best year in storm chasing history…but I got to chase storms and share it with you guys. All worth it.”

Check it out, you won’t be disappointed – and the soundtrack is equally as epic and a great fit.

Flight Lapse and the Milky Way

Ever wonder what a night flight looks like from Switzerland to Brazil?  Here you go:

Underbelly of the Space Shuttle

Here’s a close up shot of the individual tiles on the bottom of the space shuttle – each one coded.

Imagining the 10th Dimension

Here is an 11 minute video which will either leave you with a headache or keep you thinking all week about it.  Straight out of the Matrix, this video noodles through the various folds and bends in moving from the 3rd dimension we live to the possible scenarios strewn out across time and multiple possibilities of you.  You’ll be lost but it’s cool nonetheless and a creative piece of thinking.