Compromise is Not an Option


Dick Morris is one of those guys that is able to see things so often for what they are and the speak it from the top of the mountain for all to hear.    Compromise works in some cases – like if one friend wants to go for Sushi and the other for Thai and they decide to do sushi tonight and Thai this weekend.  That's good and harmless compromise.  In the case though of running a country, you need to pick a path and push it hard – seems to work just fine for the Democrats.   Read this great piece by Dick Morris:

If the Republican party wants to have any sort of future they need to ignore the idea of trying to appease the Left. Going down the middle of the road gets you hit by a car.  I do not consider myself a Republican because part of me thinks at this point Elephant or Donkey it's often all the same really, but here is some free advice for them nonetheless:   
Wake up – listen to your base and go for it.  Stop with the wet noodle approach.

Here are 10 things the Republicans need to do to do to revive themselves.

1. Lower taxes everywhere. In fact repeal the 16th amendment.

2. Tax consumption and NOT income – consider the Fair Tax seriously.

3. Cut spending on the thousands of programs government need not be involved in.

4. We need LESS government and LESS government employees.

5. Drop the whole pro-choice, pro-life thing.  Keep religion OUT with politics.

6. Stay out of peoples bedrooms.

7. Stay out of people wallets.

8. Get rid of Sarbanes-Oxley.  

9. Focus on protecting people's lives, liberty, and property.  

10. Sorry guys and gals – vote yourselves term limits – it is supposed to be momentary representation not a career.

Do these 10 things and you will get millions of votes.

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Working Miracles in Detroit

This instantly gets put into the "you have got to be kidding me" category.  Detroit is in economic trouble and the big three automakers are in DC begging for something like $34bn.  Now we have a church congregation in Detroit actually praying for an economic bailout of the big three automakers and to make the case even stronger to the heavens "Local car dealerships donated three hybrid SUVs to be displayed during
the service, one from each of the Big Three. A Ford Escape, Chevy Tahoe
from GM and a Chrysler Aspen were parked just in front of the choir and
behind the pulpit."  Whatever DC is going to do with their decision to send billions to Detroit is going to be made whether this crowd prays to the heavens or to Santa.  Incredible stuff.  Here is the link to the actual story.

Praying for a bailout in Detroit


Sam Harris

Last year I read Sam Harris’ book The End of Faith which is simply brilliant.  Last week I finished a second of his books called Letter to a Christian Nation which is equally as insightful.  I overwhelmingly recommend both pieces of work.  Nobody lays out in such a beautifully devastating way just how truly implausible religious dogma is.   Check out this excellent presentation by Sam Harris at the Aspen Ideas Festival.

Galaxies and Belief

Look at this picture and ask yourself why people insist on living their lives according to (and committing atrocities in the name of) ancient scripts written by men who by today’s standards would be complete simpletons.  There are an estimated 250 billion to 500 billion galaxies in our known universe and we are hardly but a half of a half of a half of a grain of sand in this image. What makes people think it all started here?