For the Millennials

Let Anthidote bring you up to speed in the guitar dept….


How to learn anything

Josh Kaufman lays out why the first 20 hours make all the difference when it comes to learning anything.


One way to look at time.

9 Life Lessons

Tim Minchin lays out his version of 9 Life Lessons.  Don’t miss it.

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Billie Jean like you’ve never heard it

Corey Henry is one of the keyboard talents out there.  He’s in Snarky Puppy but was kicking it even before that.  Here’s a rendition of him pulling off Billie Jean in a way you’d never expect.

Todmobile and Awaken

If you are a Yes fan then this is a version of Awaken that will blow you away. It could really only come out of Iceland with it’s other worldly choir and on the ground edge. The build up at the end if stunningly good and powerful.