The Roots of Lady Gaga

It’s time a younger generation get introduced to the roots of some of the music they listen  to in 2018.  Here’s where ‘Lady Gaga” got her “thing”. Missing Persons.


How they filmed Tom Cruise jumping out of a plane

Ratt and Marvin Gaye Mashup

No that was not a typo… very well done and very interesting on the vocal notes play to this song a little differently but just the right way.

How smart phones are designed to keep your constant attention.

Nearly everything is designed to keep you checking and rechecking….

Awesome Shanghai Short Film

This is one of the best depictions you’ll see today showcasing how much energy there is in Shanghai.  I’ve been to Shanghai many times and it is easily one of the coolest, most dynamic cities on the planet.  Rob Whitworth really captured the vibe in a unique and original way.  Check it out.

This is Shanghai from Rob Whitworth on Vimeo.

Why yes I’d love a Campari

I happen to like Campari and this happens to be the dress of all dresses.