The Lobby of the Mira Hong Kong

I was on a trip to Hong Kong and staying at the Hotel Mira in Kowloon.  A part from being a real “find” in the Hong Kong area, the Mira has a great lobby and is apparently designed to serve up a great visual effect when you enter the hotel.   If you find yourself heading to Hong Kong and want great accommodations usually at a very good price, I would highly recommend this hotel.  It is in a great location, has great service, and is a fairly well kept secret.


View from roof of the Gansevoort

Hotel J.K.Place, Capri, Italy

I have been to Capri a bunch of times both as a tour guide and also just on my own for fun.  Capri is just a great little island full of cool nooks and paths to take, basil, tomato, and mozzarella panini, and limoncello (rough life).  Here however is a hotel that is now officially on the Anthidote “Hit List” of places to visit.  The Hotel J.K. Place.  Check out the site and tell me you don’t want to spend a few nights here.

Hard Rock Condo Hotel San Diego

The Hard Rock Hotel opens in San Diego and looks to be a good time. It’s being offered as a condo-hotel. You can purchase a unit and use it when you please and when its not being used by you, it acts as a hotel room and goes into the reservation system. Hard Rock has opened a few of these around the world and I would imagine more are to come. They flew out the door when the first offering surfaced, despite the overwhelming glut of condos available in virtually every major city. The condo-hotel-investment angle seems to have legs on this one. Check out the site here ::
Link:Hard Rock Condos


Superfuture is a hip site where you can get the low-down on hot hotels, shopping and all around what to do. Their line is “urban cartography for global shopping experts”. The main page features Tokyo, New York, Sydney, San Francisco, Amsterdam, Paris, London, Los Angeles, and Shanghai but you can access a whole bunch more by navigating the site. Check it out : superfuture