Ratt and Marvin Gaye Mashup

No that was not a typo… very well done and very interesting on the vocal notes play to this song a little differently but just the right way.


Billie Jean like you’ve never heard it

Corey Henry is one of the keyboard talents out there.  He’s in Snarky Puppy but was kicking it even before that.  Here’s a rendition of him pulling off Billie Jean in a way you’d never expect.

Digital Spirograph

Do you remember that cool very analog toy in the 70’s called Spirograph?  A guy named Nathan Friend made a very cool digital version he calls Inspirograph. Check it out here and show your kids. It works and you can play with it to make cool designs.


Todmobile and Awaken

If you are a Yes fan then this is a version of Awaken that will blow you away. It could really only come out of Iceland with it’s other worldly choir and on the ground edge. The build up at the end if stunningly good and powerful.



This is for those of you who have never heard of Dream Theater, a prog-rock band of stellar talent that blends prog-rock with metal and a dexterity of playing that is other worldly at times.

Octavarium is a song that lays this out well – you’ll hear in here influences from Yes, ELP, Rush, and more.  In a nutshell, this is an amazing piece of music matched only by the amazing performances of the members of the band.


Great Obama Posters


I’ve been away from the blog for a few weeks and am now enjoying a week at the beach with some time to do some surfing and blogging.  What better topic for the political side of Anthidote.com but to go straight to the easy stuff and point out what some many already know…. that Obama has BS’d his way into the White House and now we’re all seeing the reality of what life with this “vision” is all about.  I love using humor to point out reality simply because its effective (and people love a good laugh).  A great illustration of the Obama age can be see on the poster contest over at Michele Malkin’s page.  Here’s one of them.  Go to Michele Malkin to see the rest (they’re all super).

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