5 key Instagram accounts that will take you around the world of amazing food and restaurants.

Instagram by now is ubiquitous and given the incredible visual nature of the platform it is perfectly suited for food, travel, and restaurants.  After taking a look at tons of cool Instagram feeds ,here are 5 that stand out as exceptional. If you like food, travel, and great restaurants, you need to check these 5 out.

Clerkenwell Boy – The Food Editor @London (a good looking IG account in it’s own right). Clerkenwell Boy puts out a hot list of great restaurants in London.  If you’re heading to London, definitely pass by this IG account for some insight first.

One Hundred Tables – Hands down this is the most bad ass restaurant showcase Instagram feed out there. These guys basically only show great restaurants (from dive bars to five stars) in 100 cities around the world. Totally different than anything else out there, they take you around the world with the hook-up everywhere. If you love to travel the world and just know where to eat out, check these guys out.

Beautiful Cuisines – Part of the Beautiful Destinations brand family, the angle here is presentation of great food.  While many Instagram foodie accounts show what they ate that day, Beautiful Cuisines actually presents food in a spectacular way.

Frank Prisinzano – The Pope of the East Village in NYC.  Frank is easily one of the most charismatic people on all of Instagram.  He regularly publishes not only cool shots of the amazing home cooked Italian food coming out of his 3 restaurant kitchens, he also posts a bunch of “how-to’s” to show you how to cook.  This guy should be on TV.

Gillie Houston – a young woman based out of Brooklyn that showcases her foodie travels mostly in an around New York City and Brooklyn, Gillie has a great eye with the iPhone and shares a unique point of view on all her tasty adventures.

Photo by Kokkeriet


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