Dense Music

There is an unofficial concept in music which is called “Dense” music.

It’s when the composer laces in several intertwining layers of music into one piece at the same time.  This music typically builds in power over the length of the song to a point where you simply cannot believe that all this stuff is going on at the same time.

It’s reasonably easy to do this in the studio.  It’s magical when it’s done live. This kind of music is fairly rare, hard to play, and always catches my ear for some reason.

I recently came across an incredible band that blew me away with a track I first heard on WCLK in Atlanta.  I Shazam’d it and discovered it was a Nashville based band called Dynamo playing a tune called Pride.

I will tell you that this piece of music layers in parts so well it’s sublime.  There’s deep-end low bass anchoring it, a multi-live-voice chorus backing the lead singer, touches of a hammond B-3 bringing the soul, two guitars with the tasty salt and pepper licks going on, powerful drums on the mark, slick piano riffs snuck in, and a layer of horns floating over the whole syncopated monster.  If you don’t have chills (literally) at the 3:20 mark I don’t know what to say.

Check it out below and pay attention for the cool syncopation over 4/4 they sneak in there and then go full steam on at the 3:00 mark.

I will definitely check them out live when they hit Atlanta.


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