Paris at Night

On a business trip to Paris I had a completely free evening – so I decided to head out and go to the top of the Arc de Triomphe – something I hadn’t done in probably 15 or more years.  It was interesting to go back and be a tourist of sorts and see these things fresh again.  I like Paris but have to say I don’t think it’s the food city everyone claims it to be.  I keep looking for great food in Paris but it always seems to fall short somehow – and I’m talking the basic stuff, nothing fancy. For example –  it’s hard to simply walk up to a bar and have a coffee – you have to seemingly always sit down, turn the chairs around to face the streets, and make it an event.  I like the way they do it in Rome much more – walk up to the bar, order a coffee, knock it down, check out the people in the bar, head back out.  In any event, Paris is a great city, you just seem to have to have a bit more of a plan in Paris that in some other Capitals – but maybe that’s just me.


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