Lyle Mays and Music

For my money Lyle Mays is hands down the best pianist in the world today.  There is no other piano player that sounds like him nor has his ability to mold time in music.  His playing is technical yet spacious, ambient, and colorful.  If someone could paint with music it would be Lyle Mays.   He’s best know as the other core half of the Pat Metheny Group but I somehow stumbled across this performance he put on in 2011 at a California Tedx event.

It might be one of the best examples I’ve seen of him that demonstrates his chops and his ability to play like no other.  Give the 18 min video your attention and you’ll see why.  It really kicks in around the 6 minute mark, then dives into great ambient music around 10:45 only to jump back up at 13:25 to an amazing Brazillian infused groove of what sound to me like an updated version of a tune called “Before You Go” from the Street Dreams album that wraps up in a finish starting about 17:00 that will have you trying to keep up with the syncopated count wondering how they do it.  Amazing talent.


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