A Tale of Two Cities: Singapore to Kathmandu

Love the macro story behind this adventure.

Heather & Fred's Excellent Adventure

Heather here. Our trajectory from Vietnam to Nepal would be a 36-hour affair, with a so-called “necessary” stopover in Singapore. Originally, we thought we should keep the Singapore stopover to a minimum – you know that whole “let’s stick to the less expensive places” thing. Well, we arrived in Singapore and were kicking ourselves for not allotting more time here. We felt like we had been catapulted into the future, and we liked it.

I had actually spent a few days in Singapore before, but it had been about 8 years and a lot continues to develop. And with Fred’s friends from Singapore (living in San Francisco) telling us mouth-watering stories of all the amazing food to eat there, it did feel like a new place to discover. But, we arrived around 8pm and had about 12 hours to live it up in this modern metropolis.

Since we were hardly…

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