23 Year Travel Map

Before the web I kept an analog day to day planner basically from 1989 to 2007 (old habits die hard).  I never threw these things out so I decided for fun to go back into them and see what I was doing and where I was across those year and plot it on a map.  I found just the right service to handle this and began inputting all the dates from those years of travel.  This is that travel map.

A couple of cool thing are 1993 where you can drill down into Italy for a particularly fun year.  2002 was the busiest in terms of travel covering 107,000 miles.  2001 and 2009 were also interesting travel year for a variety of reasons.  Aside from about 200 trips in and out of Atlanta, the next busiest place was about 60 trips to Firenze, Italy.

This is where all the photos on Anthidote came from.  Click the map for the full version.


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