Rome 1990 Piazza di Spagna

I first went to Italy in Fall of 1989 and by 1990 I had a good part of Rome down.  Everyone shoots a photo of Piazza di Spagna but for some reason I shot this from far away down Via dei Condotti and the black and white with the heavy shade in the street only added to the effect of the shot.  The thing about Rome is that just around almost every corner you run into a huge piazza or temple that you couldn’t even know was there until you’re practically on top of it (the Pantheon is another example).  In 1990 we thought the future had already arrived but looking at this now 22 years later this shot seems to me to be straight out of another time.  This shot could have easily been 1950 as much as 1990 and that is one of the seductions of Rome.  If you’re hungry for more on Rome, here’s a recap of three days I spent there last year.


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