Old Colombia, New Colombia

Many people who have never been to Colombia have basically only one image of Colombia, but today Colombia may very well be the most rapidly advancing country in South America in some respects.  About an hour and a half drive outside of Medellin is a small (very small) town called Marsella just a few kilometers from Fredonia way up in the hills over the Cauca river.  There just off the square is a small little bar called Tienda Mixta Marsella that in addition to beer and aguardiente sells the basics that you might need if you lived in the hills of the Colombia – a sort of five and dime.  Above is a shot of one corner of this little place.  We met the owner, an older lady who told us she has owned this place for 60 years….. 60 YEARS!

To show you what you generally don’t see of Colombia from outside Colombia, here is a shot of the new mall called Santa Fe in Medellin with all the top retail.  The weather in Medellin is generally always Springlike so the entire roof of Santa Fe retracts like the baseball stadium in Toronto – this is new Colombia.




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