Shanghai Xiao Long Bao

One of my favorite foods in Chinese is Xiao Long Bao – a steamed soup dumpling.  There is (was – it’s gone now) a killer street restaurant just off Nanjing Shi Lu where the line out the door to eat these little gems was 30 deep at 10pm.  You order a six pack of these that come in a styrofoam box, you go upstairs and find a seat under the K-mart lights wherever you can picnic table style, and they bring you big bottles of Tsing Tao to wash them down.

Here’s the pre-game line:

And post-game cleanup outside the place…..


One thought on “Shanghai Xiao Long Bao

  1. Reblogged this on nantucket kitchens and commented:
    love soup dumpling- just beware of the potential to burn your lips, tongue and destroy you joy, if your tastebuds get nuked by the boiling liquid. watch the pros around you several diff techniques on eating these amazing dumplings, chopsticks and wonton spoon are key- great pic!


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