Grateful for Entrepreneurs

Going into 2012 and looking back on the past few years, I have to say that I am grateful that we still have entrepreneurs in the USA, and more of us (especially the occupy crowd) should also reconsider just how lucky this country is that so many people start businesses.  The funny thing about starting a business (I too have done this and it is NOT easy), is that when you’re starting up you have to struggle and fight for every inch, every client, every deal but when you make it somehow “everyone” thinks it was overnight and that life is then so easy.  The whiners don’t see the years of toil, sweat, worry, sleeplessness, risk, and tuna sandwiches – they only see the “today” and think somehow it’s not fair.

Entrepreneurship is hard and it’s not for everyone, but at least be thankful for those who trail blaze instead of vilifying them.  The occupy crowd whines about how things aren’t fair while they drink lattes and make cell phone calls.  They don’t have a clue about fairness.  You know a place where everything’s fair?  North Korea.

The President (and many other leaders) so often preach about the honor of public service, even to the point where they propose special school loans that an be forgiven if you choose to go into public service.   Why not flip this around and offer loan forgiveness for those that start businesses and employ others?  That’s public service.  People that start companies are pillars of public service – not the guy at the DMV.

In the next round of Congressional and Presidential elections I hope we get back to electing into office representatives that understand  that this country can be stronger and more stable through entrepreneurship, and we put in place a general attitude that thanks those that start companies and employee others rather than punish them with over the top regulation and taxes.   Imagine a country with no entrepreneurs.  What would you have?  How would you grow – hell how would you eat!   

I am grateful for those among us that took the chance to start companies that ultimately went on to employ so many.  That is what we should be encouraging in this country.  So this holiday season and into the New Year, let’s hold entrepreneurs up with reverence and put gratitude where it belongs – in the hands of those that make lifestyle possible for so many others.  If you ever start a company you’d want the same treatment.


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