With all of the talk in the USA about the debt ceiling and pending devastation if we don’t lift it, let us remember a few things.  The Congress makes the laws and the President decides what he wants to sign or not.  Yes the USA has raised the debt ceiling before, but the problem this time is that in the past 18 months Presdient Obama has spent trillions of dollars and has pushed the country to the extremes of what it can handle. He says Bush spent to much (which he did) and then proceeds to quadruple down on Bush’s spending.

President Obama caused all sorts of additional debts and damage (his spending) then comes to the citizens of the country lecturing us on how we have to get our fiscal house in order – all the while he continues to spend and resist cuts (real cuts).

As I write this, the US House of Representatives has passed a measure to cut and cap spending and balance the budget.  If that Bill makes it to the President, the choice is his and his alone to sign it or to not sign it.

If nothing happens and the USA does in fact hit the debt ceiling, it is not the beginning of the problem – it’s actually the beginning of the end of the problem because it will be at that point that the USA has no choice but to start actually cutting spending.  The law of tha land will be the debt ceiling level and if Obama chooses to exceed it on his own or otherwise, he bears the responsiblity.  When Obama comes out and says that seniors won’t get their checks, or that military people won’t get paid, this is a.) his choice and b.) blantant pandering.

The President can CHOOSE to start cutting useless spending and keep critical spending in place.  He can easily make sure the interest on the debt gets serviced first, that medicare and the like get covered, and that military families are covered – but unfortunately the programs for Cowboy Poetry that Harry Reid thinks are so critical (see above video) are just going to have to go.  That and the literally tens of thousands of other wasteful programs that government has no business being in.

As far as I’m concerned, the House has done it’s job and has passed a bill that cuts spending.  If we go to the brink, it will be because the President of the USA wants to.  He comes to the American people everyday telling us about the looming catastrophe, but when he is presented with a solution to avoid it he refuses it.


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