An Interview with Ross Halfin

Thank you Ross for taking the time to be interviewed here on

Q. I love your travel photos.  It seems to me the scope for shooting travel is so much wider than the bandstand.  What do you like most about shooting travel and life as opposed to shooting gigs?

A. Well for start you haven’t got idiots trying to jump on  you after three songs,even if you’re meant to be there for the whole show.With Travel you deal with different forms of light,which make the scope for photography far more interesting.  At a show what do you get? Someone leaping around with a bit of coloured light on them.  It’s just not the same.

Q. I notice you have an affinity for SE Asia.  What is it about that part of the world that pulls you in?  Do you think the people back home have any clue how interesting the life in SE Asia is?

A. It’s a strange one to answer because to an Australian SE Asia is just not that interesting. I had an Australian friend tell me this. Yet Asia, because of the weather,h as much more interesting light, clouds.  I find it quite exotic.

Q. I was in Dubai not so long ago.  Quite a place.  How would you explain or describe Dubai to someone that’s never been there?

A. Dubai is a fascinating mixture of the traditional and the futuristic.  One minute your in a bustling back street market or lost in the desert, the next your on the monorail flying through the city which looks like the set of bladerunner or having a cocktail at the bar of the tallest building in the world. It never gets boring there.

Q.  When you shoot travel – what are you looking for?  Landscapes?  People?  Scenes?  Local stories in imagery?  Do you plan or do you “shoot from the hip” as it were?

A.  Not so much people,more colours.  I quite like when there’s no one around.  It makes things more abstract.  You go to some historical building you don’t want to see thousands of people milling around.I really have no plan when I go somewhere to shoot because apart from sun, weather there are no time constraints.

Q.  With a lifetime of musician and live gig shots under your belt, how would you describe the view from the stage out to the audiences when you find yourself shooting from the stage out?  Geddy Lee described it as “total elation”.  Do you get a glimpse of that or it is just a day at the office?

A.  Well, I suppose,doing what I do it’s the latter.  Although I must say if you walk on stage with Metallica for the first couple of numbers you realise how insane and incredible the view is.

Q.  What is your favorite airport, hotel, and restaurant in the world?

A.  Singapore Airport has a good vibe and easy to get around.  Sunset Marquis in LA is a great hotel because when I go there I feel at home.  The SoHo House in LA is a great restaurant but you have to be a member to get in.

Thanks again Ross for sitting for the Q&A.

Ross Halfin is one of the world’s best photographers.  He’s best known for his work as a rock photographer and his travel work is even better.  You can see some of his travel work here.


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