Half the Country

This week Gallup.com reported that Obama’s approval rating is 48%.  Oddly enough Business Insider reported that 47% of American don’t pay any Federal income tax and think the tax system is just fine.  Who are we kidding in this country?  We have about half the country funding the Federal government and the other half of the country hanging on.  That wouldn’t be so much of a problem if it were not for the fact that those not paying any Federal Taxes have equally as much voting power as those that do pay taxes.

Imagine for a moment company of 300 owners where only 150 of them invested in the company but the other 150 have just as much voting power when it comes to electing the Officers of the company.  You can bet the 150 that are actual investors (paying the bill) would be a bit outraged that the other 150 have as much voting power, with no risk and all the benefit.

Now just take this example from 300 people to 300 million people and instead of calling it a company we call it the USA.  I think you can see why those paying Federal Income tax get mad that when they go to vote for a President their vote counts exactly as much as the person that doesn’t pay Federal Income Tax.

A solution to this could very well be to either make voting harder by having all voters pass a basic civics test, and even better would be to give everyone a vote, but for every say $20,000 in Federal Income Tax one pays he gets an additional vote.

Some solution needs to be found otherwise every year we’re going to run in to this problem and we’re going to keep seeing socialists like Barack Obama magically find themselves in the White House pushing ever more utopian fantasies while sapping the life-blood out of the country.  

The world is more global than ever and if we keep going down the path we’re going we’re going to look like Venezuela where today many of the capable, intelligent, and job producing Venezuelans have simply left the country and are waiting for Chavez to be gone before even considering going back.   There is no good reason for the USA to go down that path when it can be avoided.

Think about the stats in those links again.  Is it really surprising that 48% of Americans approve of Obama and 47% of American do not pay Federal Income Taxes.  Do you really think this is not the exact same group?  When half the country supports the other half and the supported half has the votes to keep it that way, we’re in trouble.

Gallup Poll 48% Approve of Obama

Business Insider 47% do not pay Federal Income Tax


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