The Top 10 Anthidote Best Guitar Riffs of All Time

Who doesn't like a killer guitar riff?  There are those riffs that are so unmistakeable I often wonder if when they were written the guitarist knew how signature they really were.  There are those that play guitar and then there are those that PLAY guitar.  Here are my top 10.

Number 10 : Iron Maiden : The Trooper

This song has one of the best heavy metal melodies ever and is unmistakably Maiden.


Number 9 : Velvet Revolver : Slither

The song just lurks and then nails it with a drop D riff right out of the gate.


Number 8 : The Eagles : Life in the Fast Lane

A classic I couldn't not include in this list.  Clean, Arizona, Dusty, and Tequilla.


Number 7 : Foo Fighters : Rope

This is a brand new song and I'm taking a guess that this opening riff will be one of those all time great.  Incredibly easy and complex at the same time.  It drives and it lags – weird and superb.


Number 6 : Chic : Le Freak

As soon as this song starts on the guitar everyone stars moving.  One of the most original lines ever played on guitar.


Number 5 : The Beatles : I Want You (She's So Heavy)

Gloomy, trippy, melodic, wavy, bluesy and lush all at once.



Number 4 : Aerosmith : Walk This Way

I mean come on.


Number 3 : Led Zeppelin : Black Dog

Wholly envisioning headbangers seeing the beginnings of their family tree here


Number 2 : Van Halen : I'm The One

I had a hard time with Van Halen – there were 3 or 4 must haves but I selected this one for the sheer energy and can't miss EVH attack.


Number 1 : Rush : Spirit of Radio

The opening line has got to be one of the most recognizable of all opening guitar licks ever.  Very clever, and very twangy.  Who the hell can come up with stuff like this?  Intellectual and rockin'.


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