Your Fairness or My Fairness?

What is the rational approach to take with Barack Obama and his stunning assault on America?  On April 19th Barack Obama gave a speech to a group of mostly students at North Virginia Community College that was a stunning show of arrogance, platitudes, and deception.

The Arrogance

BO:  “the amount of taxes you pay shouldn’t depend on whether you can hire a fancy accountant or not

Anthidote: Go pound sand.  If the taxes were not so punitive and if the tax code did not have so many if-then statements in it maybe less people would have to hire accountants to figure it out.

BO: “And we’ve also gotta end tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans” (applause from the students who of course know what it’s like to have to support themselves).

Anthidote: Why target the most productive punitively?  Barack has asked before “how much is enough”.  The answer is “as much as someone wants and is capable of”.  But that question also applies to taxes paid – Hey Barack, how much is enough?  Just because someone earns a lot of money does that make it right to take more of it?  On what grounds?  Does that person consume more of the government services?  Hardly and on the contrary.  By what edict does Obama think a wealthy person should pay more for living in America.  It’s most likely that person is already doing far more than his or her share not only in the taxes they pay but it is likely they also employ others and/or generate a boatload of other economic activity thanks to their wealth.

BO: “I suspect there’s a lot of people out there in this audience that are going to be wealthy one day and that’s good, we want you to… we want to you be able to go out there and start businesses, create jobs, and put other people to work

Anthidote:  Yeah right – so we can tax the hell out of you and yell from the top of the mountain how unfair it now is that you’ve succeeded.

BO: “We are going to have to ask everybody to sacrifice“.

Anthidote: Hey BO, we’d like to see the US Government sacrifice.  We do not have a revenue problem, you have a spending problem.  The Treasury takes in $2 Trillion per year and you spend $3 Trillion per year.  Let’s see some leadership on the sacrifice front and offer us (your employers) a plan that shows how you’re going to sacrifice in the area of government spending.

BO: “If community colleges need to sacrifice then we can ask millionaires and billionaires to make a little sacrifice too” (applause)

Anthidote: Do you not already think millionaires and billionaires have made huge sacrifices to get where they are (maybe not the Kennedy’s but most others surely).  What gives you or anyone the right to confiscate more money from those that have earned it simply because they have it?  This is about principle and since we’re looking at what is fair, I don’t think it is fair to steal people’s money even if they can absorb the impact.  If that were the case, why don’t you just post IRS agents at ATMs and demand your cut right there.  Would that be “fair”?  What’s the difference? A shakedown is a shakedown.

BO “We can’t just tell the wealthiest among us you don’t have to do a thing, you just sit there and relax and everybody else we’re gonna solve this problem

Anthidote: The arrogance now is at DEFCON 5.  “Sit there and relax!”  You must be talking about WIC mama’s, welfare recipients, and system abusers like those who could be employed but prefer not to because if they get a job the unemployment money runs out.  That’s the crowd that is sitting there and relaxing while the wealthiest among us are either working or providing others with jobs.  Who are you kidding? (beside the students in the hall behind you in this video).

The Platitudes

BO: “And we can reform the tax code so that it’s fair and that it’s simple

Anthidote: Wow what a generally great idea.  Why hasn’t anyone thought of that.  Moreover why doesn’t it ever get done?  And here’s a good question.  Fair according to whom?  Those that earn the money and support the country with their taxes or those that receive the redistributed payouts?

BO : “We’ve still gotta invest in you” (the middle class)

Anthidote: Oh thank you your highness.  Then cut spending so we have country in a few years.

BO: “I want to live in a society that’s fair

Anthidote: Us too and you’re not helping.  You vision of fairness involves stealing from the productive to give to the unproductive.  That’s not going to work.  All you’re doing is creating class warfare and stifling private sector growth.

The Deception (deliberate or not)

BO: “The point is that for every dime you earn you’re paying into social security but for Warren Buffet he stops paying at a little over a hundred thousand dollars and the next $50 Billion he’s not paying a dime in social security taxes“.

Anthidote: The law is the same for everyone.  You pay into Social Security up to just a little over a hundred thousand bucks and then you don’t.  The money you’re talking about with Mr. Buffet is not “earned income” but rather capital gains where there is not social security due.  Either stop the deliberate verbal slight of hand with the student audience or get a clue.

2012 and a one term Presidency cannot come soon enough.  The sham is just agonizing to watch, just jaw-dropping. There could be no better message to the country and the world but to overwhelmingly end this man’s presidency with as decisive a victory as possible at the ballot box.


2 thoughts on “Your Fairness or My Fairness?

  1. Who knows? The point is we have to deal with what we have now and what we have is not a President that says he wants to live in a FREE society, he wants to live in a fair society. Big difference. He could start with the Fair Tax at least. I predict he loses a ton of independents and a lot of Lefties who also realize they’ve been hoodwinked as well. Amazing times.


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