Could you use an extra $9 million?

Let’s say you’re 25 years old and make $75,000 a year.

What if I now told you that your share of future Federal spending was $1,900,000 and that your estimated future Federal taxes would amount to $1,300,00 – and that if you were to instead NOT have to pay these taxes and you could get a 6% return on this money (money that YOU earned) it would be worth $9,200,000 when you were older if you lived to 79 years of age.

I have found a cool (and depressing) online tool that can calculate your share of either the entire Federal budget or even break it down into one of 19 diferent Federal programs such as Welfare, Foreign Aid, Social Security etc…

You simply enter your education level, your age, your annual income and it calculates the 3 figures – your share of spending, your future taxes, and what the taxes COULD have earned you at 6%.

Read it and weep.

Read it and vote : The 2012 elections are coming





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