Fundamentally Transforming the USA


UPFRONT: There are a bunch of links in this post.  I suggest you click them all for the full picture and see what sham (and shame) this is.

Last year the Democrats in the US Congress rammed through a healthcare law that was so malconcieved as to be everything but in the best interests of people, business, or the country at large.  Only someone (or a group of people) with the worst interests at heart for the country would force a law like this down the throats of it’s citizens.

  • The law was so big we were told by Nancy Pelosi that it had to be passed so we could find out what was in it.
  • It was voted on and not even read – we’re still discovering time bombs in it.
  • Not a single Republican voted for it.
  • Twenty six states have filed lawsuits against the law (see image above)

What a track record!  There couldn’t possibly be anything wrong with this idea could there?

The Obama Administration wants you and I to respect the this disaster because it became a law but then thumbs its nose at the Federal judge who struck down the law.  Instead of getting the message and backing off, the Obama administration has appealed the judges ruling.

What do Obama and the Democrats have against the United States?  It’s not like they can’t see all this.  It’s not that they don’t get the message.  They get the message and could give two hoots.  They have vision for America and Constitution be damned.  For them the Constitution is an obstacle, something to get around.

On top of the above, why are there so many waivers to the Obamacare?  We are now over 1000 waviers – all passes for Obamacare.  Today the entire state of Maine got a waiver from Obamacare.

What’s the point of making a law only to then give out Waivers?  Could it be because under Obamacare companies can’t afford to run their businesses and with the 2012 Presidential election is coming up Obama the Democratic party knows that this law is bad business?  They know that most of the pain in Obamacare is not supposed to be seen or felt until after 2012 – so let’s just pass temporary waivers to those who scream the loudest until after the election and then drop the hammer later.

Many of these waivers have gone to unions too.  Aren’t these the same unions that are mostly voting Democratic?  Why would they want a waiver from the home team?

Let’s for a moment forget the politics of this thing and simply look at the fact that we have a law that has been ruled unconstitutional – doesn’t that tell you something?  Shouldn’t a bill/law this important be light years from something unconsitutional? Shouldn’t a bill/law this profound be solid?  And the fact that Obama and his supporters then go ahead and double down should be a clear message that he/they simply do not give a hoot about real law, real rights, nor individuals – especially the individuals that produce the wealth of this country.

This is all about “fundamentally transforming the United States of America“.  You would never think that you would have to say this, but it seems that Obama doesn’t simply want to transform America, he wants to destroy America.   I think it is clear that Obama sees himself king of America instead of President of America.  That’s a big difference and we’ve already established that this country doesn’t like to be ruled by a king.

Well Mr. Obama you are succeeding in fundamentally transforming the country.  Congratulations.  Only 682 days left as of this writing until the end of an error.

ps: Enjoy this video.  Says it all.


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