Is wealth acquired or distributed?

I was watching TV today when somebody on the show talking about the current debate on taxes said that there is an “unfair” distribution of wealth in America and that there is no good reason we should not be taxing the super wealthy more.

First of all, wealth by its very nature is acquired.  Start at the begining when there was no wealth.  What would have been distributable?  It took men to make wealth, build wealth, and from there others too were able to work for, and acquire wealth.

The concept of distributing wealth is essentially the concept of stealing.  You can certainly distribute your own wealth if you choose (and many do through charity) but the act of others distributing your wealth would be, and is stealing regardless if it is done directly or through a proxy.

So when liberals say that we should tax the wealthy (or the wealthier among us) simply because the wealthy have wealth is only legalized theft.  That wealth is private property regardless of how big or small the wealth is.

When your neighbor steals $100 from you and gives it to your other neighbor it’s called theft.  When the government taxes you a $100 and gives it to your other neighbor it’s somehow called compassion.

Everybody gets the concept that country needs a tax base with which to operate  But the problem is when one group of people “decides” that another group of people should be taxed more and more and more simply because they have it.  It’s not up to elected officials to “decide” which group of people should have more of someone else’s private property to support re-distributionist programs.

When discussing wealth and the wealthy, we hear some people say things like “but there’s no way they can spend that much money“.  They may be right, but the only acceptable answer is that it’s none of anyone’s business how much or how little someone spends of his own money.

The solution to this whole situation would be to simply get off a tax system based on income and move completely to one based on consumption.

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