Coming to terms with failure

The world (yes the world) has simply got to come to terms with the fact that redistributive socialist policies simply do not work.  Just looking over the headlines today I see “Greece likely to default in 3 years“, French strikes paralyzing France as mountains of garbage pile up in Marseille“, Cuba’s self-employed to pay taxes up to 50%“, increase taxes on banks and rich people“….

People… enough.  It. Doesn’t. Work.  These are sheer failures every time it is tried.  Been to Europe lately? I love Europe – but have you been to Europe lately?  Have you spoken with the people that are not on vacation there but that actually LIVE there?

We have countless examples across decades of time of failed attempts at this from all over the world.  Socialist, redistributive policies only make everyone more poor – the rich become a little less rich and the poor stay poor.  And the people in middle don’t know who or what to trust under a socialist system (and end up paying most of the bill).   Right now France is already past its limits of what it can support in terms of funding the system it has lived with for so much time.  People need to come to terms with the fact that they have simply been sold a bill of goods, do the best they can, and fix the situation for the next generation.

Redistribution of wealth does not work, and now that news and information travels so quickly around the world on the web and more and more people can see the devastating results of what happens when you tax productivity and achievement too much, the more people maybe are starting to see it.  Succinctly put, you simply cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong and the faster the world understands this the faster the world will be able to move forward in a positive direction when it comes to governance, otherwise little by little the productive simply choose to stop being productive (or be just productive enough…)

And don’t give me this line about fairness, that it’s not fair that some people have so much and other’s do not.  What’s really not fair is to confiscate the wealth of those that earn it to redistribute it to those that do not.  THAT is what is not “fair” and those who push those sort of policies in the law should expect to receive a lot of resistance.  Socialist leaning politicians like to use the law to accomplish their goals in the name of the greater good.  Socialist politicians are wonderful at being compassionate with other peoples money.  And remember money very often is time and time is always life.  The more money socialist politicians steal from you effectively the more of your life is stolen from you.  Either you understand this or you get eaten alive.

You should not be pissed at or envious of those that start companies, employ others, and build wealth for themselves and others in the process.  You should be grateful that people like this even exist.  You should thrilled that competent men and women have invented practically everything you have in life, everything that makes your life better from the car you drive to the grapefruit in your fridge.  Why would you punish the man that employs hundreds or thousands of people?  Why would you punish the man that employs just one person.  The right thing to do is reward that person for being the one that is providing opportunity or others.

I’ve always been amazed at how we treat public service as some holy grail – Obama even pushed the idea that if you goes through college and decide to go into public service you could get your student loans forgiven?  What!?!?!  The best approach would be that upon graduating from college, if you decide to open a company and are able to employ others your student loans could be forgiven, not if you choose to get paid as a public servant by the taxpayers of the country.  We should be encouraging growth in the private market, not sucking at the breast of the public trough and then being celebrated for it.

The good news is that there seem to be signs that more and more people are finally waking up to this fact and the only bloodless way for people to handle this effectively is to send the right people into elective office – people that will protect the liberty and property of all.   The sooner the world stops fighting this and starts realizing the possibilities of the free market the sooner the world will see how a rising tide lifts all boats as the most productive individuals of the world design, build, develop, and make available in trade the best that world has to offer.


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